Our Partners

We’ve been successfully cooperating with international companies

HVD Life Sciences is a marketing and distribution company that specializes in sourcing, supply and support of the life sciences solutions. It operates globally and services in Central and South-Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Commonwealth of Independent States, the Far East and Latin America.

HVD Life Sciences offers a wide range of high quality products from carefully selected manufacturers of innovative and advanced tools and technologies. The company works with public and university organizations, private laboratories, pharmaceutical and food industry, biotechnology companies and partners in the field of newborn screening and pregnant and stem cell technology.


Cypress Diagnostics provides tools and solutions that enable clinical laboratories worldwide provide a clear and precise diagnosis.

Cypress Diagnostics produce the equipment necessary for processing samples, analyzers for performing tests, for testing reagents, and – increasingly – the software platform to communicate the results.

The company Beckman Coulter – a recognized world leader in the manufacture of automated equipment and reagents for clinical laboratory diagnostics and biomedical research. Beckman Coulter develops, manufactures and markets devices that simplify, automate and modernize the complex diagnostic biomedical research. Products include sophisticated analytical instrumentation, software with user-friendly interface and high-quality reagents. More than 250,000 Beckman Coulter systems from operating successfully in the United States the leading laboratories, France, Germany, Russia and Japan – all in more than 130 countries. By using Beckman Coulter Systems Laboratories receive benefits such as increased productivity and laboratory efficiency, improved quality and reduced analysis costs.


R-Biopharm – a leading developer of innovative solutions in clinical diagnosis and analysis of food and feed. In both sectors, sets of sets of R-Biopharm exhibit high specificity and accuracy are key requirements when it comes to human health. The company R-Biopharm AG was founded in 1988 as a subsidiary of Rohm GmbH of Darmstadt, Germany. Today R-Biopharm company has branches in the UK, USA, Italy, France, Latin America, Brazil, Spain, Australia and China. Activity of R-Biopharm company received many awards. In particular in 2004, 2005, 2006. The company was awarded the first place of the 50 fastest growing companies in Germany.

HUMAN for over 40 years served in the health sector. Success HUMAN based on three main principles: broad and growing portfolio of diagnostic products in vitro with quality Made in Germany, the outstanding available worldwide service, support and opportunities of supply and the crop being cultivated partnerships with our distribution partners in more than 160 countries.


Diametra committed to providing quality products and high level of service to their target diagnostics segments. Through innovation and a shared commitment seeks to create value for the people. As an organization, Diametra constantly striving for innovation.

Mindray annually producing new models and updating software previously released, the market offers more than 60 types of devices: – that ultrasound systems and patient monitors, laboratory and diagnostic analyzers and anesthetic equipment. The main objective of the company Mindray – is to give the opportunity to everyone to improve their health and well-being. A high-quality medical equipment at affordable and competitive prices help us to earn the trust and respect of clients from around the world. The company’s products are used Mindray Medical institutions in more than 190 countries around the world.


Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings PLC (one of the leading in-vitro diagnostics solutions provider for the clinical market laboratory. IDS develops, manufactures and markets innovative immunoassays and automated immunoanalyser technology to provide improved diagnostic results for patients. Immunological portfolio IDS is a combination of test menu endocrinology specialty and analyzing panels in additional areas.